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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On the Moos controversy

John Gledhill wrote:
One of my first duties as incoming chair of the ASA was to field a large number of media enquiries, mainly in Britain but some also from the USA, about the disquiet expressed in the pages of Anthropology Today last year about the Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars Program (PRISP). I have been asked to inaugurate the ASA’s new Ethics blog with some further comments about this. In contrast to the general framing of our new ethics initiative that appears on the ASA website, what follows should be read as personal point of view, not an official statement, from someone who is strongly committed to supporting political action orientated to producing a more equal and just distribution of global economic resources, a longstanding critic of the way US power in my principal research area, Latin America, has worked against that goal, and a persistent advocate of the need to complete the process of decolonizing and provincializing Northern anthropologies.

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To read, hear or watch an interview about PRISP with David Price and FelixMoos by Amy Goodman, click here


Anonymous Oneman said...

Great opening salvo. I've written about your site and your post at Savage Minds (, but let me offer my appreciation here for what I hope is going to be a great site.

9:06 AM

Anonymous Sal said...

I heard a paper by David Price at the AAA meetings last year and he was doing further research into other new programs besides PRISP that sounded like they were further pushing funding underground. Has anyone seen this work, and could someone get Price to update us on what is going on with these program?

6:14 PM

Anonymous Heike said...

How about creating an online petition linked to the ASA website that colleagues can sign, calling for the immediate termination of PRISP and similar programs tied to Intelligence services?

Heike Schaumberg, University of Manchester

5:56 PM

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